# Metamask transactions show under activities & on Etherscan but the balance is still $0

I made deposits into my MetaMask from Kraken, Binance, Uphold, and even PayPal. All of these deposits show up under the activities tab with MetaMask as well as on Etherscan, but the balance remains at $0. So the ETH is there, just not accessible at the moment. How can I gain access to my ETH?

So each deposit occurred from a different exchange, yet the outcome was the same in each case. They are all marked “received” under the MetaMask activities tab as well as “success” and “finalized” on Etherscan.

Any thoughts?

hi @Jayquad , welcome to MetaMask community.

Is the balance displayed on etherscan normal?

if not, check the transaction records from etherscan, have your funds been transferred out?


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