ETH not credited from Nexo to Metamask

I did a transfer from Nexo to Metamask and it was successful in Etherscan but I still have 0 ETH in my metamask wallet.
What is the issue?


Hi @makke003 and when you check your MetaMask address on the website?
Does it show any ETH or tokens or some OUT transactions?

Hi Luigi

Yes, on etherscan it showing a successful transaction and I can see my ETH but unfortunately I have 0 on the MetaMask wallet.
I’m new here and I’m trying my best to understand everything
Thank you !!


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You use MetaMask :fox_face: wallet for pc or mobile?

Check your :point_up_2: ETH address on

I use both, I’ve installed the plug in by chrome browser and I also have the MetaMask app.
I wrote to MetaMask also asking for help and they replied to me that my transaction is fine but whatever I still have 0 on my wallet!
I’m 100% sure the wallet address is ok and I see on etherscan the transaction but I cannot figure out why my wallet is 0


What is your MetaMask ETH address?


Copy your ETH address and check balance :slightly_smiling_face: :point_up_2: at site

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This one


Hmm :thinking: this address has a balance 0.4115128 Ether

Yout balance does not displayed in orange color? :point_down: as here:

You see the correct address :point_down: here.

You not use account 2 or 3? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh yeaaa! You fixed my issue !!

Thank you Luigi for your precious help !!


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Yeah Luigi is the best hehe :grinning: Have a nice day!