ETH is missing from MetaMask Wallet

Last 2 years i got transfer my ETH from Nami Account to MetaMask.
Last week i login and try to locate my token and it and i can’t find it at my wallet.

I did saw the transaction is done and completed thru Etherscan details

Hi there,

When you search for your public address on, does you ETH still show in your balance? If so, please try the steps found here.

If your ETH do not show in your balance, please submit a support ticket with your public address and we’ll be glad to assist with investigating further.

Hello, What do you mean by my public address? And how can i find it?

By the way this is my Account Address : 0x0282CDcc5DdbaB2e041744EDc17e722deFc519BF

And hope with this photo you can help me to trace it.


wow :scream: 5.9 ETH you lucky man :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: but not show on Metamask wallet?

Balance displays in orange?

and you see this ETH address 0x0282CDcc5DdbaB2e041744EDc17e722deFc519BF
in your MetaMask wallet?

The wallet address is the same… but the balance is in black colour

The “account address” you posted is the same thing as your public address.

Did you try the steps in the article I linked? Did that resolve your issue?

i try the article link already. but still can’t find my token


Send screenshot your Metamask wallet :slightly_smiling_face:

Try Metamask :fox_face: wallet on another browser: Brave, Chrome, Firefox.

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I open it at Google Chrome. Even the activity details is not updating

Reveal Your Seed Phrase:

Save your seed to text editor :grinning: don’t show it to anyone

Install Firefox + Metamask:

Click Import wallet and import your Metamask seed

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Thanks a lot… I recover my Ether at other browser…

Thanks a lot for your help and help me recover my Ether


10minutes good work man :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

Darick Do not mention it… send me 1 ETH :laughing: :point_down: only joking

Now you are a rich man :grinning: be careful…

Hi guys I have deposited today at 10 June 01.31 pm approx 0.62 eth to my MetaMask wallet however 7 min later it is transferred without my confirmation to another wallet. Have I been hacked or does somebody know how I can get my eth back to my current wallet or another safe wallet.

I can see the transaction on etherscan but I can’t do anything about it.
I don’t see any balance on my public address on etherscan. So somebody just took it.