Metamaks shows 0 ETH but Etherscan shows correct amount

I sent some ETH from my Coinbase walled to my Metamaks address 2 days ago and it shows 0 ETH whereas Etherscan shows correct amount. I’ve sent $5 more ETH today and same story - Metamask shows 0 and Etherscan balance increases.

Any suggestions how to reflect Etherscan balance on my Metamaks?

P.S. Sent my query to Metamask but I guess I will get a response within 7 days. Unreal customer service.


I will ask some questions too see what could be the problem.

What network did you use to send from coinbase? Was it ETH20?

Second, is your Metamask on the Ethereum Mainnet Network?

If you can, send the transaction Hash so I can check it and know better where your ethereum is.


Hi! Did your case get resolved? I have the same case at the moment and I have no idea what to do? May I ask for your help, please?

Thank you!

No it didn’t. How about you?

Hi, can you get back to me with an answer? I still don’t have my ETH reflected in my web wallet.

Those questions I was asking, where for you to answer so I could get a better idea of your problem :grin:

I am just a Metamask user trying to help, I am not from Metamask support, this is a community forum. If you need Metamask support you can place a ticket using the support menu in the Metamask Wallet.

by the way, don’t message that whatsapp number, it’s a scam.

I had the same issue, first, when you copy your metamask wallet address by using web extension and paste it to the other platform, for deposit or withdrawal, just to make sure that this is the same. I’ve noticed this,

Sample: My address

0x3C4d3FDd87B580417BdCCA99eA9E74B6192031cd-when I copy in Metamask and paste it somewhere.

0x3C4d3FDd87B580417BdCCA99eA9E74B6192031cd-whem I copy it manually.

Then I tried by sending to the address manually, then the problem is solved. I got it.
I dont know what particular problem of metamask in copying and paste in diff address.

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just try this, your metamask wallet in web is correct the problem is when you’re trying to copy and paste it, then shows differently. Try to view this wallet in etherscan then copy it in a cut and paste it in a cut then try to send in small amount. See what happens next.

I hope it will help you.

Hi Guys,

I did have the same issue but I believe I got mine fixed.
In order to fix this issue, try the following:

First change the network to any different one, and go back to your original network.
i.e from Ethereum main network to Avalanche and from there back to Ethereum main network
Don’t forget to Close your browser and reopen it.

Second Right-click on the MetaMask extension icon
Select ‘This Can Read and Change Site Data’
Select ‘On All Sites’
You may also need to close and re-open your browser.

As long you can still see your fund in Etherscan, do not worry because the issue is with your browser or Metamask extention.

Try everything to get your fund showing, it doesn’t matter if it’s just a dollar.

Good luck all


I transferred from my GALA Games account to my Metamask wallet and the Etherscan has confirmed “Successful” but even though I have the GALA token added to my Metamask wallet using the custom token feature, it doesn’t show up?
I have done everything posted on these sites and the address is definitely correct for my metamask which I’ve confirmed multiple times.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you