Metamaks shows 0 ETH but Etherscan shows correct amount

I sent some ETH from my Coinbase walled to my Metamaks address 2 days ago and it shows 0 ETH whereas Etherscan shows correct amount. I’ve sent $5 more ETH today and same story - Metamask shows 0 and Etherscan balance increases.

Any suggestions how to reflect Etherscan balance on my Metamaks?

P.S. Sent my query to Metamask but I guess I will get a response within 7 days. Unreal customer service.


I will ask some questions too see what could be the problem.

What network did you use to send from coinbase? Was it ETH20?

Second, is your Metamask on the Ethereum Mainnet Network?

If you can, send the transaction Hash so I can check it and know better where your ethereum is.

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Hi! Did your case get resolved? I have the same case at the moment and I have no idea what to do? May I ask for your help, please?

Thank you!