ETH received from Binance, but it's missing in "Assets" section!

I have sent 1.2K $ ETH from Binance (ERC-20) to MetaMask, I do see the funds in the “Activity” Section with successful Received, But I don’t see it on the “Asset” section in my MetaMask wallet where I can’t use it!

I tried to verify my funds by linking my MM to Ronin Wallet but nothing show-up either. I can’t buy anything.

P.S: The version of MM I’m using is 9.8.2!

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On my “Assets” ETH Balance (which is written in Yellow) there is a hint that says:
" Balance maybe outdated "

Hi @NawrasDima read this :point_down:

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It’s okay now? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


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