When i use dapp on mobile on metmask browser minting does not work but on desktop it works

When i use dapp on mobile on metmask browser minting does not work but on desktop it works

Can you describe it in more detail? For example, what do you do when it doesn’t work

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In my dapp i have a mint nft button. It basically calls the function on smart contract. So once you call this function you will have to first sign the message and after that popup appears to confirm transaction and pay gas fee on metmask . On desktop, after confirming the transaction, function on smart contract gets called and you can also see this transaction on polygonscan but on mobile after confirming the transaction on metamask mobile i don’t get any response and also transaction is not visible on polygonscan.
Iam using metamask browser.

In this case, you can only try to restart the phone. If it still doesn’t work, you can try to uninstall metamask after backing up the private key and then reinstall it. Some friends below have encountered similar problems, and finally reinstall metamask to solve the problem

Okay thanks.
Could there be a problem rpc? Iam using alchemy’s

Easier to change IPFS gateways than reinstall the app. Though I dont think that would be the issue, unless Alchemy was having service issues. As its easy to change, Id give that a shot first, and see if it helps. If not, id grab state logs and your Secret Recovery Phrase, and any private keys from imported accounts.

Then use the wallet reset function. (Settings - Advanced) if that doesn’t clear the issue, then go for the big reset, uninstall/reinstall (you’ll have to add custom chains and tokens again)

I advise keeping state logs because the wallet reset will clear them, and if the issue comes back, the logs may have more detail that will help us isolate the cause.

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