Metamask Transaction Issues


My Metamask is connecting to a DAPP that I use daily, but when I attempt to make a transaction I am getting nowhere. My phone kicks me out of the program before the transaction screen even pops up (usually after 5 minutes of waiting). I know Metamask is the problem because I have a Trust Wallet that I use on the same website and it works in seconds.

I have tried the following

  • Opening Metamask separately and closing it before connecting.
  • Clearing History and Cache on Browser.
  • Changing BSC networks
  • Shutting down my phone.
  • Updating my phone.

I’m out of ideas. This has happened to me in the past, but eventually I would always get though. It’s been 3 days and it hasn’t worked. I’ve probably tried to make this transaction at least 10 times.

I need some help.


Adam C Berte


Hello, thank you for asking this question. I’ve also been troubled by this problem recently. In recent days, I’ve been trying to use various methods to solve the problem of meta mask interaction jam. I think it’s probably because there are too many meta mask users. When I try to connect DAPP for interaction, I usually need to wait for 1 minute. I’ve also tried the methods you mentioned, which seem to be useless, I will submit this question to the team for an answer.


Hi @acberte15 ,

To confirm on your mobile are you using the in-app browser?

I am using Chrome App for Browser and Metamask App. The Wallet is not always connected (so I am not using the Metamask Chrome Extension). I connect/disconnect every time I use.

I’m not sure if I’m answering your question.


I think so, it doesn’t sounds like you’re using the in-app browser (my apologies if I am following incorrectly).

See below screenshot, this is from within the MetaMask mobile app . If you use this browser and go to you dapp, does it work -

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I will give it a try.

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Cool! If it works, let us know. I’ll post some more MetaMask Knowledge Base articles regarding this and also how you disconnect. Thanks!

It worked! Unbelievable! And way faster than normal too! Thank you!


Awesome! Great to hear. Here are some articles from the MetaMask Knowledge Base that you may find useful too.

Disconnect wallet from dapp has a mobile option so you can see how you can disconnect from in-app.

if you also ever want to revoke approvals, it’s different from above. Here is an article on this.


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