Which function is called

Hello there,

when sending a Token to another address, is the Smart Contract transfer function called which the token was created on? If not: How is the Token transfered and which method will be called?
Maybe someone could also tell which function is called when transferring Ether (because I dont know if Ether is also just based on a smart contract)


Yes exactly, like sending Token A from Adress A to Adress B on the same Blockchain. But maybe it would also be interesting to know what would happen if I did on another Blockchain (or if it would possible at all)

No I didnt, im asking just because of curiousity

Thanks for the answer!
But what I mean is, that I am developing a token, and I wanted to know if I press “send” in Metamask, Metamask will call the transfer function, or if it is transactioning the token in some other way