Need help want good answer

i need to know how i can send from blockchain to metamask using address

OK, for me to give you a good answer you will have to be a little more specific.

Blockchain is the term for the whole network for crypto. Your wallet lives in the blockchain as well as all the other wallets and all transactions ever made.

If you will send something, from where, will it be from a Centralized exchange, like Binance, or Coinbase? or from another personal wallet? from where will you send. Also, which network? there are many blockchains so it will depend on the token/coin you want to send which network will be needed to use. For example, Ethereum uses ERC20, BNB uses BEP20, etc.

and last, when you say address, what do you mean? the Metamask wallet address? you don’t use an address to send, you have a sending address, which is the wallet where the funds originate, and you have a receiving address, where the funds will be received, in this case your Metamask wallet address. Is this what you meant?

I think you need to study a little bit more about Crypto and the concepts, since it is very easy to make a mistake and lose your money by sending tokens through the wrong network or to a wallet that doesn’t support that network.

Oh and one final thing, you posted this in the feature requests for Metamask, not in the help area.