I send eth from my metamask to my metamask address

i send my eth from metamask to my metamask address also and edit the 0x to ronin.

When you click the etherscn address you’ll see “Sorry, We are unable to locate this TxnHash”

this is my metamask address: 0x7389ba4CC4659EB34903f5B244B3f95628df522D
and my ronin address: ronin:177659dc22a25ab71ed92b8177d8b3d84afab877

and this is where is send my eth: ronin:7389ba4CC4659EB34903f5B244B3f95628df522D

as you can see its the same address with my metamask i only changed the 0x to ronin:

will it be rejected and get back my eth? please answer… it my 2 months grind on crypto