I can’t send Bitcoin from Metamask to my External wallet

I started using Metamask 2 weeks ago and received a deposit of btc from a investment group that I recent joined.

However I can’t send my bitcoin to my Coinbase wallet. (I can transfer between my 2 internal accounts in Metamask however I can’t send to an external wallet)

When I copy my Coinbase address to Metamask to send the btc no blue ‘next’ button shows at the bottom of the screen to proceed to the next screen to enter the amount to send.

Is there something not setup correctly?

Or Is there a customer service number or email I can reach out to?


Assuming this is Wrapped Bitcoin (wBTC) in your MetaMask wallet, this means that your BTC is an ERC-20 token that is a part of the Ethereum network. Because of this, you must send your Bitcoin to Coinbase Wallet as an ERC-20 token on Ethereum.

Hopefully that explanation helps, and here is also an article on our Knowledge Base for more information:


Thanks for your response!!

Also I can’t send to any external wallets. So I’m not sure if something is not set up right when I originally set to up 2 weeks ago.

Also can I send you a screenshot of my network settings for RPC / Bitcoin
So you can take a quick glance?

Also I know you’re very busy so is there also a Metamask customer support person you can recommend to me.


It may be that you cannot send to any external wallets right now because you do not have ETH in your account to pay for the gas fees. You can for sure send a screenshot of your network settings, and I can take a look.

No need to worry about if I’m busy or not, that’s what I’m here for :slightly_smiling_face:
However, if you would like to submit a ticket to our support team for any issues, you can do so here:
https://metamask.zendesk.com/hc/en-us and click Start a Conversation

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Hi Winnie,

thanks for your response and the information that you provided!

Attached are screenshots of my network settings. I’m just wanting to know if everything looks okay or is something slightly off. Just at a glance. Also if everything looks okay I’ll open a helpdesk ticket so they can look further.

Thanks again for your assistance,


BTC network cannot actually be added as a custom network into MetaMask. The network settings you have inputted is actually data from other networks. For example, Chain ID 97 is for the Binance Smart Chain Network.

You can read over these articles in our Knowledge Base for more information:


Hi Winnie

One last question: is this person ligit. His email is: mask_meta@aol.com

A friend of mine gave me his info a few days ago to help me correct this issue. She said he helped her friend and that he’s a private contractor with Metamask. He’s asking for a fee to resolve the issue. He said there were errors on my account that he can resolve.

The following is my email to him and his response:

On Wednesday, November 10, 2021, 05:06:44 AM EST, Meta Mask mask_meta@aol.com wrote:

Thanks Joseph for responding

Earlier we sent you a message about why you are unable to withdraw but we believe you didn’t get it

Well we will have to resend the message so you can get back to us with the vital information

Hello Joseph

Welcome to MetaMask your largest wallet address ever. 

Noticing that you are finding it hard to transfer your current bitcoin on your wallet and this is because we found out that your current wallet has some traces of inappropriate activity so we decided to not allow any Transaction done till we get a full verification of your identity then we can allow you access your bitcoin
The bitcoin is Successfully received by us and it’s safe on Your wallet your start up signing wasn’t completed and it made your account not fully valid for the large amount sent to you all at once.

Send us a passport of yourself
A copy of your drivers license
And your Full Address

Kindly reply us so we can get started on how to release your funds to you thanks for choosing MetaMask

Meta Mask Customer Service Activation Center

This person is NOT legit.

:triangular_flag_on_post: Some red flags to watch out for:

  • E-mail address ends in aol.com. This is NOT an official MetaMask e-mail
  • MetaMask team will never ask for a fee to resolve any issue
  • MetaMask team will never ask for your passport
  • MetaMask team will never ask for a copy of your driver’s license
  • MetaMask team will never ask for your full address

Please be careful of scammers! If you need to contact the MetaMask team, always confirm you are in contact with an official account.


Hi @Josephh50 your problem is not complicated :slightly_smiling_face:

Try search on the MetaMask forum :point_down:

First you need to find out where the BTC token.
When you see your BTC token here https://etherscan.io/ is on the Ethereum network
When you see your BTC token here https://bscscan.com/ is on the Binance Smart Chain network



I think I figured out what the issue is

I noticed for some reason my BTC and ETH wallet addresses are the same in Metamask. (Some kind of way this automatically happened when the wallet was originally created 3 weeks ago). The addresses are below.

How can I correct this issue?





Also thanks for all the support and feedback I’ve received over the past few days.


Hi @Josephh50 MetaMask wallet has no Bitcoin address just ETH address…

and this token Wrapped BTC :point_down: has the same price as Bitcoin

also BTCB token on Binance Smart Chain network

I don’t see any transaction at this address: 0x46B8e262477bB0149188424eABe47B05c6B6f76c only BscScan Testnet transactions


Hi @Luigi

Thanks for your feedback.

My account shows that I have 284k in my account (attached screenshot) that was sent to my account on 11/9/21 from a investment program.
So how can I transfer these funds to my external wallet?

Also can I setup a Binance smart chain RPC network and send that way?


Hi @Josephh50 you can send me the www address of your investment program?

and where did you find this :point_up_2: network setting?

URL: https://data-seed-prebsc-1-s1.binance.org:8545/ is url BSC Testnet

BSC RPC Endpoints: https://docs.binance.org/smart-chain/developer/rpc.html

These tokens at your ETH address :point_down: have no value. It’s not BTC :neutral_face: someone cheated you.

Hi @Luigi

The following is the address just add world wide web and dot com:



Oh @Josephh50 :see_no_evil: that site is a total scam :expressionless:

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Hi @Luigi

Oh wow; Thanks for helping me connect the dots. I never thought I would be scammed.
Thank God they didn’t get me for a lot more!! It could have been worse.

I’m glad I came across this forum.

Thanks again!!