Will metamask provide cross chain liquidity?

Many times, we store our coin on the ETH chain or other chains, instead of storing a large amount of assets in each chain, but there is a problem: if I need to buy BNB in the BSC chain, but I only have eth in the ETH chain, I have to cross chain my eth to the BSC chain through cross chain tools, and then exchange BNB in the BSC chain,Such operation will bring several troubles:

  1. Wasted a lot of time.
  2. Many problems in the process of cross chain, such as insufficient liquidity, cross chain delay
  3. Excessive authorization brought by cross chain leads to more risks

Therefore, I look forward to metamask providing cross chain liquidity in the future, so that users can provide liquidity of each chain and distribute it in a unified pool. When I need to buy BNB in the BSC chain, I only need to pay eth of my corresponding value on the ETH chain, and I can directly obtain BNB liquidity assets provided by other users on the BSC chain. This will be a great experience.

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MetaMask currently does not provide any liquidity, and does not act as a liquidity pool in any way. It acts as a provider where you can connect to dapps that provide liquidity such as a DEX.

There may be some projects in web3 working to provide some sort of cross-chain liquidity in the works though :slight_smile:

Thank you for your answer, but I look forward to that day :rofl:

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That would be great, one wallet can do all the work you want


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