Withdrawing funds from the Binanсe wallet

Good day! Transferred ETH to MetaMax wallet. When translating, I used the BEP20 network. The funds were debited from the Binance account, but did not appear on the MetaMax wallet. Please help me figure it out. Thank you.

Добрый день! Перевел ETH на кошелек MetaMax. При переводе использовал сеть BEP20. Со счета Binance средства списаны, а на кошелеке MetaMax не появились. Помогите, пожалуйста, разобраться. Спасибо.

Hi Unrdp2

  1. You must added BSC :point_down:

  2. Add your Binance-Peg Ethereum Token
    Click :point_right: Add Token - select Custom Token and add contract address :

Should I create a network first BSC and then add a token?

YES first you add BSC :slight_smile:

I did everything. Now wait for the coins to replenish the token?

Coins of the new token appeared. And how can I translate them into regular ETH on the network Ethereum Mainnet?

This is Binance Smart Chain :slightly_smiling_face: use BNB for gas payment (transaction fee).
You need some BNB on you metamask address 0x7df5… (used BEP20 for BNB transaction)
and after, when you have BNB open your Binance account a copy your ETH address…

buy BNB on Binance :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s clear. But how to translate from Binance to MetaMax? How to get the address of BNB of MrtaMax?

Withdraw BNB to you address 0x7df5… :slight_smile: used BEP20

I understood! Many thanks. You helped me a lot.

Something I am failing again. I need to return ETH to Binance and then transfer them to MetaMax through the ERC20 network again?

on Binance used ERC20 network for withdraw ETH :slightly_smiling_face: and ETH show on Ethereum mainnet :fox_face: in Metamask wallet

I’ve done everything. All coins in their places

Good work man :+1: have a nice day :sunglasses: