Wluna no airdrop

Please can someone correct me if I’m wrong I have Wluna in MetaMask on the ec20 Ether network , who is the Custodian of storing the one-to-one ! Do they get the airdrop of our Luna. Or is there a way we can collect it or will there be a Wluna 2 which we will get it then , if we have been done like this it’s not going to look good on all wrapped coins infact it worrying

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ive seen there right onto this its shocking that no one is talking about it imagine if bitcoin did this and wrapped got nothing wow this could be really bad if wrapped dont sort this asap

Hello @bitcoinjimmy and welcome to MetaMask community.

The Luna 2.0 airdrop is a process that occurs outside of MetaMask. You will need to reach out to the support team responsible for the airdrop, in this case Terra. You will most likely need to bridge your wrapped tokens to Luna blockchain, depositing them to a Terra wallet supporting the airdrop of the new token.


Unfortunately, Luna has completed the snapshot distribution. Now your Luna has been renamed lunc, but it can still be traded

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Well I’m looking at this a different way it’s a smart contract pegged to Luna not Luna c and key words are contract.
Outcomes I can see

  1. If your the custodian you need to claim this for us

  2. If your not then we need to talk to Terra

  3. They have been stolen

  4. This means pointless having the token in ec20 which if the airdrop is not given then i can see this crashing etherium with all wrapped coins changing instantly back :man_facepalming: Time will tell

You misunderstand the decentralization of the situation that we have in discussion here. Terra posted the terms and conditions for their move to a new blockchain after the failure of their previous, and MetaMask as a non-custodial wallet with no support for Terra’s respective blockchains, is not included into their airdrop, because wrapping any token and bridging it into another blockchain is up to the user. It’s up to each user to asses and inform themselves about the things they need to do to be included in Terra’s airdrop, under the respective conditions they put forth.

As such, the solution for this issue you are having would be to contact Terra support team.
Hope this helps to better understand the situation.


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