Wrong balance after swap (0.00000... MOBI)

Hello, yesterday I swapped 0.145 ETH for some MOBIus. In my balance, I see I have 0.000000000000000181 MOBI worth 0 $. As this is my first experience with metamask and swap, as you can imagine, I am angered and worried: where has my money gone? Why is the account balance wrong? There should be several hundreds MOBI, not a zero comma zero zero zero…
I have logged out and re-logged it, disinstalled and re-installed, canceled the cache, waited one day. Nothing.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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When you check the transaction and address on Etherscan, do you see the correct balance in your wallet?

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Unfortunately, no.
If I put in etherscan my account number. I see my balance in ETH and then under “token” I see 0 MOBI.
If I click on “Erc 20 Token Txns” I keep seeing the absurd value 0.000000000000000181 Mobius (MOBI).

When you search for the transaction ID on Etherscan, are you able to confirm that the tokens went to the correct address? And just to confirm, you did this swap in the native swap tab in your MetaMask wallet, not a third party to which you connected your MetaMask?

I did the swap in metamask, clicking on “swap” in my account.
Etherscan shows me that (I cannot fully understand it) it went from me to metamask swap router:

Since I did the swap, the balance is 0.00000… etc that is by far not the correct conversion of 0.145 ETH into Mobius.

Hey @mentat77, would you be able to send a transaction hash for your swap? That would help out a lot :slight_smile:

First and foremost, please make sure you are interacting with a legitimate token. It may also be that your value of MOBI is less due to price impact. Here is some more information on our Knowledge Base:

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