xDai sent to Trust Wallet

dam mistake i know… ther is no xdai chain in Trust Wallet… how get i back mi xDai too MetaMask? sorry for my bad english i am from Germany…
if i konect bridge xdaichain to my Wallet there is all Dai, eth, xDai… but no wai to get xDai back. On xDai Explorer blockscout xdai mainnet is showing confirmet succes so any idea?

Hi @meisterreiner

:one: Copy your Trust Wallet recovery phrase

:two: Open this page:


Download file: bip39-standalone.html

:three: Disconnect from the internet :bangbang:

:four: Open bip39-standalone.html in your browser

:five: Select coin ETH - Ethereum and write your Trust Wallet recovery phrase


:six: Scroll down to :point_right: Derived Addresses
Find your ETH address and copy the Private Key

:seven: Import this Private Key :point_down: to the MetaMask wallet :fox_face:


:eight: Switch on xDai chain

:nine: Add your token

:keycap_ten: Finitto :sweat_smile: