.xyz Domain in MM Browser Showing "EnsIpfsResolver" Error

I have published a Web3 website on an .xyz domain but I’m unable to access it from the MM mobile browser. Whenever I write the URL in the browser, I get an “EnsIpfsResolver” error saying that MM could not resolve that ENS name.

Am I doing something wrong as a developer or should I not be using an .xyz domain?

As far as I know, .xyz is not an ENS domain name.

Thank you for the help.


I have the same problem too.
Metamask for android can’t open website
Metamask for iOS can open website only in ethereum network. After that you can switch network


Same Problem!

Have you found a solution?

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Hey @Xioteer @matthewbiggie @0xECS

Can you provide more information about what device you are using and what version? Steps to reproduce the error?

It happens to me as well.

Device: iPhone 12, Samsung Galaxy S20
Metamask : latest version at appstore and google play store

  1. (Web) window.location chante to deeplink with my domain .xyz
  2. (Metamask) Show error above.

Another my web3 site which is end with .com works well.

Having the same issue madudes. Have to use my laptop.

Hi our .xyz domain on polygon gives same error. Could you please provide suggestions?

domain: andyme.xyz

Scenario common for different mobile devices.

Same problem!
Metamask on many android phone can’t open website!
Error: “EnsIpfsResolver-no knows ens-ipfs”

Me too !!!

My site is totee.xyz.
It will be ok if open website in ethereum mainnet.
But will show error [“EnsIpfsResolver” Error] if open website in polygon mainnet.

At the time, I have to open website in ethereum mainnet first then switch to polygon mainnet.

Same scene is alright in desktop browser.

Can one of you please create an issue for it on GitHub?

Thank you!


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