10th attempt and no success on sending my Tokens

Hi there MetaMask,

I tried to send my Tratok for the 10th time, and no success.

Please tell me what is going on, I even increased the gas fee and limit, but no success.

Gas limit : 40000

Gas used : 24344

Gas price: 56

I am attaching a picture of my 10th. attempt, and following is the Transaction ID


The network Etherem Mainnet should be the correct one since Tratok is a ERC20 Token

My destination depositing address in Mertacox exchange is

Is any Thing wrong with my address?

please help me on this issue, it has been a very frustrating experience


it seems the error is from the Token Contract:

It is not your problem. there is a problem with the Token compatibility with ERC-20:

Hi Carlos Bay-Schmith

Thanks a lot for your reply.

How can I solve this problem?
Otherwise, what are my options of solving this problem?
Is it going to get better by itself in Near future? or Is it something that I must contact the developer of
Tratok token?
How about increasing the gas? or Time of transaction during the day?


I haven’t seen this problem before, so not sure. But I would try to talk to the Devs of the token to see if you can get feedback from them, maybe they have a Discord or Telegram acount?

I think it has nothing to do with gas, so I would stop trying and see if the devs can help you solve it.

Hi Carlos Bay-Schmith

Thanks a lot for your prompt reply.
I look forward for the result of your inquiry with the developers of Tratok


You misunderstood, I meant YOU should talk to the devs. I dont hold this coin or have interest in it.

You are a holder, the devs should hear you out and help you.

Dear Carlos Bay-Schmith
Thanks a lot, for the reply

But how come few months ago I could send it from my Atomic Wallet to MetaMask?
But now I cannot send it to Mercatox?
Tratok support is horrible, do you have a more reliable way of contacting Tratok support( Or people)?
Has the problem been resolved?