Ability to turn off Recent Address on Send Token Screen

I would like to suggest on the ability to turn off recent address displaying when trying to send a token to others.

By nature, most of people usually add their frequent addresses with a label name. It is unlikely for normal people to select the address from the recent address shown by the UI.

This feature is very insecure and risk for the account owner to accidentally click and send the token to the wrong address. This could result to permanently lose their precious fund as everyone knows that once the transaction is completed, there is no chance for the sender to revert the transaction without the assistance of the receiver.

My proposed solution is to have the option to turn off the recent address to display in the UI and also add warning message when the account owner try to send a token to the address that hasn’t been whitelisted.

The Objective of this solution is to reduce the chance of account owner to accidentally send the fund to the wrong address.