Button to disable "recent addresses"

Please add a radio button in settings to allow users to disable the “recent addresses” feature. OR just eliminate this “recent address” feature entirely.

There is a new scam where somehow, an address gets into the “recent addresses” of MetaMask wallet. The address has the same last few letters/digits as one of the user’s real addresses. I checked the scam address and they had sent me a small deposit SIXTY-SIX days ago! Somehow, that address made it into my “recent addresses” on MetaMask. I had never sent funds to that address. But I did receive the small deposit from that address 66 days ago. I have no idea how a deposit 66 days ago could be considered recent (considering I make around 20 transactions every day). The “recent address” feature has been exploited somehow and needs to either be removed entirely or at the very least, allow users to disable the feature.