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I would like to have possibility where once a coin address is added to MetaMask that address remains there has part of list of addresses in the wallet because I have a serious problem where I do so much research then at some point MetaMask misbehaving and I have to delete the app and reinstall then all my coins are gone and have to go through the process of adding them all over again and for the other coins I never bought the addresses are gone too this so boring

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MetaMask has a feature to automatically detect verified tokens.


MetaMask new address

I have another problem that I face with MetaMask of late I can’t assess other sites that require wed3 browser is there a way to resolve this without me deleting MetaMask and then reinstall it


Does it apply to certain specific applications ?
Can you describe the problem in more detail, probably attaching screenshots.


Yes it applies to certain application and the worst case is when it comes to minting NFTS. Note:-this usually fails on the mobile app. I will take some screenshots

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