iOS - Collectibles in MetaMask app disappear

Hello Support Team,

We issued the ERC-721 and ERC-1155 on Ethereum.

Q1) In the MetaMask app - Collectibles, we manually added the Contract Address and Token ID. The metamask was good to show the image of 721 NFT. However, when switched to another account and went back. The added 721 NFT did no longer exist. I retried to add again. Somehow the 721 NFT had the same issue lost in Metamask app.

The 721 NFT is good to show on OpenSea.

erc721 contract address: 0x1cCa97E4592053c481Abb753C4C631ccdF8d341A

token id: 174663285876834235977250332211344399785

Q2) Is it any way that the MetaMask can automatically load what NFT the wallet stored? Instead of user who don’t need to manual add the contract address and token id

Thank you very much for your help


Same here. My NFT disappear in Collectibles and can’t add them again manually.

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Hi great team,

Anyone can support the mentioned issue? I saw the below article by Rooshee. But actually, seems the Metamask app has issue about showing specific ERC721, thanks

The same situation. Did you manage to solve this problem?

Not yet, waiting Metamask support about the issue, you have any idea?