Collectibles in MetaMask app disappears after close/refresh

I’ve synced the MetaMask app to the Chrome extension, but am missing one Rarible Collectible, tried to add it manually and it keeps disappearing… Also will OpenSea Collectibles show in the app ?

hey @officialchaos

Where are you not seeing it? Is it within the mobile app that it isn’t appearing? Some NFT standards aren’t supported on the mobile app yet (and we don’t display your NFTs on the Extension yet), but it should still appear on the web3 site you’re using for your collectibles (ie. Rarible.

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Yes, the MetaMask app for android, all tokens are the same Rarible - ERC721 - they all imported but one and when I add it manually, it disappears after a refresh or closing the app…

Thanks in advance

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. So we can troubleshoot this with you further, I’ve created a support ticket for you. Thank you for your patience!

Yep, instead of getting better, it got worse, lol. 2 more tokens have disappeared from the MM app, and when trying to add them manually, they immediately disappear when refreshing or closing the app…

Now the MM android app is only showing 2 of 5 ERC-721 tokens – But all ERC-1155 Tokens are showing up fine – Thanks in advance!!!

Hi @officialchaos, we are looking into this issue and trying to reproduce. Could you let us know some more information?

  1. Can you see the 2 collectibles that disappear in your wallet on OpenSea site?
  2. Do you own these collectibles or are you adding them to your wallet to ‘watch’ them?
  3. Which network are you on? Ethereum Mainnet?

Thanks a lot, this will help us fix this issue.
You can also follow the activity on this issue here: Custom collectibles/NFTs disappear after relaunching the app · Issue #2465 · MetaMask/metamask-mobile · GitHub and interact directly with the development team.

Yes, all are visible on Rarible – I own them all, I am the Creator/Owner – Ethereum Mainnet yes…

I can see all of my ERC-1155 tokens but now 3 of 5 ERC-721 tokens are not there *(more have disappeared since last writing)…


I’m having the same issue with an NFT I just minted on
I enter the contract and token ID, can see it, but on refresh it is gone :frowning:

I have the same problem.

My ERC721 (Sandbox LAND) is not shown in the MetaMask collectibles section on the mobile app. Only as tokens (on mobile) and as assets in the browser extension. And they are suddenly shown on OpenSea and people can make bids on them. I do not really mind the latter, but it would be nice to see them in the collectibles section.

Thank you!