Sent NFT still visible in MM wallet

GM! I recently sent an ERC-721 token to another person using the MM wallet send function. Transaction was successful and the NFT is no longer in my wallet according to etherscan, but the NFT is still visible on my MM wallet on my iOS device.

It is not visible on my OpenSea profile either, so it’s only on MM wallet on mobile that is still showing under the list of NFTs I own.

Tx hash for the transfer: 0x6080d3e622ec5fa0434ac2d0c265db294cae1d1b2bcd9991e458b4c5b5d03f61

The token in question is ID71. Attached screenshot of my wallet of this token. I can still send it and interact with it.

Any ideas or if this is a known issue? Tried searching the forum but none had reported such issue.

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Hey @julietcharlie, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

It looks like on your wallet address that there are still 2 of the same NFTs are showing. MetaMask extension currently does not display your NFTs, but MetaMask mobile does. You can see your NFTs in here :point_down:

Thanks for the welcome!

The 2 NFTs are ones that I own, there’s a third one that I no longer own, but was still showing on my MetaMask mobile. I just did a reset of the app from my phone by reimporting a wallet with my seed-phrase and the NFTs count is now correct.

Seemed like a caching problem.

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