Missing NFT in Metamask

4 days ago I have transferred an NFT to a giveaway winner on Opensea.
This was done on Polygon.

On Opensea It shows that it’s owned by someone now but when you go there, you can’t see any NFT in that account.

Furthermore, the NFT doesn’t seem to be showing in the receiver’s Metamask either.

Please assist.

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Hey @element94, would you be able to send a transaction hash?

Maybe on Etherscan it will show the NFT in the giveaway winner’s address. For the NFT to show in MetaMask, it can currently only be seen on the mobile app and not yet the extension.

This article on our Knowledge Base may provide more info for you:

This is his address on polygon:

These are the transaction details:

And i’m attaching screenshot from the app:

It looks like the transaction was successful and was transferred to address 0xe8136bE7F09c64441fa6DCEcb3FD1cdfabac7795. On MetaMask, the Token ID for the NFT does show up under OpenSea Collections, meaning it is likely that the data is being pulled from OpenSea.

I would contact OpenSea to see why the NFT is not showing up on the address.

Here is also some more information on our Knowledge Base that may help you:

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I’m afraid Opensea has the the worst cs ever. No one there ever responds.