See my earnings also on Metamask

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Hi, I have managed to sell a couple of copies of a NFT with POLYGON currency on Opensea. However, I do not find it in my Metamask wallet.

How can I load the POLYGON I earned for use elsewhere? I don’t know if it is the correct solution but I tried to select from Metamask Import token> Custom Token and insert the contract number taken from polygonscan but I don’t know what exactly to insert in the next two fields. What number should I enter in the third field? How much have I sold for or without Opensea gas?
Here are the 2 hashes:

In my Polygon wallet i see it.
And the same in my wallet on Opensea but not on the Metamask wallet.

Is it a problem of Opensea or of Metamask?
Thank you in advance for your help!

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Hi there and welcome :slight_smile:

I don’t have any NFT my self, but I took a look in the Knowledge Base and found this link. Could it be something you can use ?


Scammer , stay clear


Have you added the polygon network?

You’ll also have to add any tokens you wish to interact with through Metamask.
How to View Your Custom Tokens in MetaMask

You can view your wallet address on a blockchain explorer ( to see what tokens are in it.

Personally, I use the CoinGecko method from the link above (I always mess up somehow when manually copy/pasting )

If you enter something incorrectly, it wont break anything. That only affects how tokens are displayed. For example, if you put “17” in the decimals place (instead of 18), that tokens value would show as 10x higher than it should. You can always just remove a token that isnt displaying correctly and add it again.

Helps to think of Metamask as a way to view and access the accounts that are on the blockchain, not the actual account itself.

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