Opensea NFT on Polygon

Hi ! My opensea NFT on polygon is not being pulled by metamask to show under collectible in decentraland or ovr . I’m understand it is bec it’s an ERC 1155 . What good is it to have it on polygon if we can only view it on opensea and oncyber? Isn’t it better to burn it and create a regular ethereum NFT that can be seen everywhere?


Is your MetaMask wallet connected to Decentraland or OVR? Have you added your NFT to your MetaMask wallet after you purchased it on OpenSea? You can find steps on how to add the NFT to your MetaMask wallet in this Knowledge Base article.


Thank you! I connected my wallet to both decentraland and OVR but they are not showing up as NFT there . All my opensea NFTs showed up automatically without having to do anything. That polygone NFT is the only one not showing .