Can not display NFT preview on MM wallet

I bought an NFT from Opensea on Polygon chain and imported it to my MM wallet safe and sound. However, after importing the NFT, the NFT got no preview display on my wallet, I mean it is just a blank imagery on my wallet… The collection seemed legit and had transactions for it’s other NFT’s, when I checked on Polygonscan. Is it normal not to display an NFT preview on MM wallet, could there be any bugging issues or was the collection a scam, can someone please help me I would really appreciate…

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Take a look here fren:,and%20your%20collection%20should%20appear.


It is normal that the NFT in the wallet does not display its image, so don’t worry.

You can view its image on the portfolio page.
If the NFT is not displayed on this page, click More - View Hidden NFTs


I can not see most of my NFTs in the MM wallet itself. Neither on the phone nor on the PC. But I can see them on various NFT marketplaces. So please try that :slight_smile:

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Hi @Javorko

Please go through this article

In this article, click on individual tab of MetaMask Portfolio, Mobile and Extension to read about displaying of NFT in respective platform


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