Transaction and balance not appearing in MetaMask wallet

So… I transferred ~1062 MATIC from my Newton account about an hour ago to my Metamask wallet, however it doesn’t appear to have gone through correctly somehow.

When I review my metamask wallet address on Polyscan, there is no history of the transaction there (from what I can tell): polygonscan address/0xdb9d5d6cb1444fdee3a9c859bc2665dcad9535ad

However, the transaction IS appearing when I review my wallet on Zapper:
zapper 0xdb9d5d6cb1444fdee3a9c859bc2665dcad9535ad/transactions

Transaction details on Etherscan:

Why am I not seeing this transaction and balance in my MM wallet?
Hoping someone here can tell me what dumb dumb thing I did here…

(Looks like I’m too new here to post links, urls trimmed above)

Hi @bczar little chaos :grin: this is your MetaMask :fox_face: address? YES?

Try to open the CoinGecko page :point_down: and click on fox :fox_face: icon

Okay, so that was interesting.

I clicked on the MM icon as you suggested, and recieved an error that read “This token does not appear to be supported. Please check your metamask network”.

CleanShot 2021-10-18 at 14.27.03

My MM wallet was set to the Matic network at the time. I changed it to Ethereum Network, and noticed the “Refresh List” option under my Asset/token list.

After refresh, I was able to see my balance of Matic! It’s just not on the network I was expecting it for some reason :frowning:

Now I guess I have to find some way to move the balance to the Matic network (the intent is to use the balance for a Polygon project) and me without any ETH to pay for these gas fees to do so lol… ugh

YES :roll_eyes: this transaction is not on the Matic network but on the Ethereum Mainnet.
Therefore it displayed an error: check your network… you have to buy some ETH :smiley: hehe

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Appreciate your help here!
I guess there wasn’t a way for me to transfer from my Newton account directly to Polygon 🤷

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