Transaction and balance not appearing in MetaMask wallet

So… I transferred ~1062 MATIC from my Newton account about an hour ago to my Metamask wallet, however it doesn’t appear to have gone through correctly somehow.

When I review my metamask wallet address on Polyscan, there is no history of the transaction there (from what I can tell): polygonscan address/0xdb9d5d6cb1444fdee3a9c859bc2665dcad9535ad

However, the transaction IS appearing when I review my wallet on Zapper:
zapper 0xdb9d5d6cb1444fdee3a9c859bc2665dcad9535ad/transactions

Transaction details on Etherscan:

Why am I not seeing this transaction and balance in my MM wallet?
Hoping someone here can tell me what dumb dumb thing I did here…

(Looks like I’m too new here to post links, urls trimmed above)

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Hi @bczar little chaos :grin: this is your MetaMask :fox_face: address? YES?

Try to open the CoinGecko page :point_down: and click on fox :fox_face: icon

Okay, so that was interesting.

I clicked on the MM icon as you suggested, and recieved an error that read “This token does not appear to be supported. Please check your metamask network”.

CleanShot 2021-10-18 at 14.27.03

My MM wallet was set to the Matic network at the time. I changed it to Ethereum Network, and noticed the “Refresh List” option under my Asset/token list.

After refresh, I was able to see my balance of Matic! It’s just not on the network I was expecting it for some reason :frowning:

Now I guess I have to find some way to move the balance to the Matic network (the intent is to use the balance for a Polygon project) and me without any ETH to pay for these gas fees to do so lol… ugh

YES :roll_eyes: this transaction is not on the Matic network but on the Ethereum Mainnet.
Therefore it displayed an error: check your network… you have to buy some ETH :smiley: hehe

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Appreciate your help here!
I guess there wasn’t a way for me to transfer from my Newton account directly to Polygon 🤷

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Hi, i sold an NFT but never recieved the funds to my MM wallet… i think this sale went through using the ERC-1155 token

here is the hash 0xeb96d2d63edc43091d151b8f751e27ff1321bb14b2b23d4871819181ba61576d

im not sure how i cant add to token to my wallet.

please help.


Hi @curtis I’m not an NFT expert :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: your ETH address is 0x6Fa0… ?

didn’t you sell it for 0.089 ETH? :point_up_2: and you received 0.077875 Ether

Internal Txns:

Hi, yes but that transaction never landed in my MM account. There has been no activity or record of the transaction on MM. only on the blockchain

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@curtis The data in the blockchain are important :slightly_smiling_face: and very accurate.
Your Balance is: 0.044194049810322855 Ether

So how do I get the funds to my MM account and have access to them. Because at the moment there no trace of the sale on my meta mask. Meaning I can no use the funds ?

This has literally just happened again. I have made a sale yesterday 1/1/22 for $300 as you can see in the picture added. Yet as you can also see there is no record of the sale of funds in my meta mask wallet. Meaning I have no access to the funds ?

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@curtis Even if Metamask doesn’t show the transfer the balance should be correct and match the one in a block explorer like Etherscan…

Internal Txns :point_down: often do not appear on the transaction history, but your balance should still display correctly.

Read this for more info:

Currently, MetaMask does not show internal transactions in your transaction activity or history, only standard transactions between addresses.


was this sorted? i have the same issue sold an nft on opensea and not showing funds in my MM wallet opensea said check the internal transaction which shows they have sent the funds to me but wallet still say zero!?! how do i access this and use it?

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