Matic is not showing in my metamask wallet

I have transfer matic (polygon) from my wallet to metamask wallet in matic address, but its not showing any amount.Help me out.

Hey I may have had a similar issue. Few quetions. 1 did you add MATIC main net to your metamask wallet? If not, google it, you will find it. If you have, did you check on ETHscan to make sure that the transaction was complete. IF so, make sure you are checking the ETHEREUM Mainnet for your tokens, I thought they transferred to MATIC mainnet, but they don’t. From my understanding, you have to Bridge them from matic maintnet to polygon, (plasma). This will take some gas so make sure you have some ETH in your ETH main net wallet to cover the fees.

LMK if that helped!

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Welcome @jhinkwan80 to the Metamask Community, and thank you, @Traverse1, for jumping in to provide your shared experience.

You’re correct. In this case, usually, it’s good to check where the token is now holding.
If it’s on the ethereum mainnet, which you will see these tokens on, you may have to add the Matic as the custom tokens to Metamask’s token list.

You can also check on the Polygon block explorer here as well
If they are not on the Ethereum mainnet, add the correct network accordingly.