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Add desktop mode option for dapp browser metamask android


Fiat to layer 2s. MM would instantly save its users millions in the first week.


MetaMask is generally slower and laggy on iOS (iPhone 6s). This needs be looked at. I often have to close MetaMask and restart it, reconnect wallet before completing a dApp transaction. As a result of this lagging, assets on all network takes time to load. Others would often show “unable to load balance” until I close and restart MetaMask.

Thank you


What if password needs to be keyed in after connecting to the wallet? additional security from the slide numbers we have now?


I agree. have found iOS slow even on newer model iPhone X.


add multi transfer or queuing system. I’m tired of transferring one by one. it takes patience when waiting for loading especially when I have many addresses to send.


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Please can we get support for safepal hardware wallets ?


Improve security, by adding Multifactor Authentication


1- allow addresses to be blocked. IE if a scammer has gained access- and you have tokens staked or cannot change address at least you can block a certain address from stealing your tokens.
2- Allow wallet to be turned OFF. then when using you can turn on and off—which will limit access by scammers.
3- demand those in high scammer countries to register by name, ID etc. If an address is reported as a scammer- you will know who they are.

YOU HAVE TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR STOPPING THE SCAMMING. YOU CANNOT JUST CONTINUE TO BLAME IT ON THE WALLET USER. WHY? You offer nothing to protect our wallets like mentioned- in items 1/2/3. Another wallet company will come along and you will be a forgotten and has been. Trust me- - being a victim of theft and then “well its your fault” wont cut it anymore.


one more thing. offer help. You can do more if there is theft —all you do is blame the wallet holder- your legitimate customer. fix your software so addresses can follow a person- and new seed phrase or a way to keep same address but shut off a compromised wallet. Allow automatic forwarding of tokens if wallet compromised- becasue sometimes we cannot change the wallet address due to contracts. At least if we could add a forwarding address–the tokens would go there vs to the compromised wallet.

If you dont- someone will and you will go as fast as you came.


I don’t know if this is possible, but I believe MetaMask can help in the future mass adoption of the cyrpto and NFT space.

Currently, a lot of people stay away from crypto and NFTs because of scams. There are a lot of people in this world who don’t know how to identify scams etc. This is especially noticeable in the NFT space. People don’t realise the links they click on are fake minting websites and not the actual minting website.
Scammers are constantly innovating and coming up with new ways to scam people in this space, I believe it’s time we innovate ourselves and protect users from these people.
Minting websites are beginning to seem almost identical to the official websites now and unfortunately, people do not notice the slight differences in the URL etc, thus leading them to be scammed, which then leads to another person leaving the space and warning people to stay away from the space as they’ve had a terrible experience.

If you could provide some sort of service within Metamask where official NFT projects have to apply for a verification icon for their minting website or for it to appear on the MetaMask extension when minting or purchasing NFTs. This would easily solve a lot of fear of minting on a scam website. This verification icon could be like Twitter’s blue tick verification or Google Chromes secured green lock symbol. There are multiple ways you could go about this, but the main solution is to have projects who use MetaMask wallet connect to have a verified icon next to it or also have it in the MetaMask Chrome extension to show it is the legitimate minting site.

Although yes this is very simple, and avoiding scams seems to be common sense, there are a lot of people in this space still unaware of the scams in front of them or in their DMs. I can’t imagine what it’ll be like when more and the world begins to adopt Crypto and NFTs. This small solution will be more work for MetaMask overall but I believe it will attract a lot more people to use this wallet and create a sense of comfortability and security among a majority of people entering the space as well currently in the space.

Vote for this! Help us in moving forward! We need the MetaMask blue tick verification! :white_check_mark:


An internal VPN feature


Please add support for the Keystone Pro hardware wallet for MetaMask mobile. Thank you.




Can you please add the feature to allow ledgers to connect to mobile app through Bluetooth. I hate having to fire up the laptop to view ledger balances


Make it more secure. Like two factor authorization. It’s way to easy for scammers/hackers to steal NFTs. You should get a text with a code when you try to buy/sell or send an NFT.


Have all the blockchains pre programmed in and update as needed maybe :thinking: other then that it’s a great product Thanks for all the hard work


Some fishing page pretents to be a MetaMask. I think a better idea is to add a feature in MetaMask that changes the orange fox on the unlock page to a random colored animal (or still fox but different style). The hacker can not access the image and can not represent it in the fishing page and the user will figure the hacker out much easier.