Got scammed-METAMASK need 2FA and stop these scammers!

Just to testify on what happened and call METAMASK to instore F***** 2FA for every transaction asked and to stop/block/bann these scammers account who just do what they want without any intervention from metamask or anybody (are they complice or what?).

My metamask account has been scammed (0x47faf7f69FFEC495aCa912140Df601b340ec7590) and every token (USDT and MTO) have been transfered automatically to the scammer adress 0x02AfD3eB599A0F00F6f2E65E9e5EAC17Fe8398a0. He’s an identified scammer on twitter who presented himself as helpdesk from metamask … I made the classical error to click on a website which was supposed to “integrate all tokens” and asked my seed phrase (in my memory this seed phrase was just an ID like the public adress and not a straight way to do what you want with the linked account… my bad). Now his account is closed on twitter.

I tried to save MTO worth 10k$ by transfering them to the new address i have created (0x0DA83C2E2014C6F78077ebae0b2E3aDae5d79b01), but my transfer has been cancelled because the scammer uses i think a script faster than my handy intervention which automatically transfer the newly received token so its transaction was faster than mine and cancelled mine ( the scam transaction ID (hash 0x74de7ee9d908732767bec498af18891b2825d49e973d8e8203f588c4957f51e1). My cancelled transaction is hash 0x097d61bd24fd073128cd45eb14dec73b6ef956f5fd1cf0d99a94e4d2fbf96c83.

I think METAMASK can check from which machine the transaction order came from (every of my transaction have been done from the same computer/mobile app), and confirm on their own he is a scammer because his order came from a complete new machine, perhaps another totally new country (asia or any but not france) don’t you METAMASK ? The scammer is clearly identified and Metamask protocol will do nothing ! What is that service ? Proof are somehow clear.

As a consequence you could proceed to :

  • Close or block these scammers account ?
  • Force the scammer to send back its token by clearing out his account and send back to the hacked account (by checking the machines from where the transaction came from), if they use metamask …

Or at least bann his account as he’s a scammer ? These people will make metamask not used anymore, espacially if crypto becomes forced to be regulated ! I think it will because these decentralized app are not clear with security and guarantees.

I think i’lI go to france national finance police to complaint and to the AMF.

You should really consider 2FA keys to confirm every transfer … METAMASK is insanely not safe once hacked…

Thank you for your feed back,

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Hi, I am just a Metamask user, not affiliated to Metamask in any way.

Just a heads up, this is a community forum, and not Metamask support. I advise you send a support ticket to Metamask so they can check your situation and you can tell this directly to support. Here, they might not see it.

Also, I know this is late, but you should consider investing in a hardware wallet. I use the Ledger Nano X with Metamask, and you have to accept every transaction on the hardware wallet before anything can be accepted or transferred. It solves the security issue.

Yes, but Merchant token was only distributed on metamask wallet or trustwallet … not hardware … ;(
These scammers are pro, they have advanced script features. they should block these thieves.

You can use the hardware wallet with Metamask.

Metamask is only an interface to interact with the wallet. Your wallet is in the blockchain, the only difference with a hardware wallet is that the private key is stored in the hardware wallet, and so you can only accept transactions on the hardware wallet.

But from any other point of view you can receive in the hardware wallet through Metamask just like any other wallet.

but all crypto are not hardware compatible right ? MTO seems not.

MTO is an ERC20 token, you can keep it in the ETH wallet, same as you do with Metamask.

If it is compatible with Metamask, you can use the hardware wallet with it, since you connect the hardware wallet to Metamask and use through Metamask.

I think you have a misconception on what a hardware wallet is. I mean if you use the app that comes with the wallet a lot of coins are not compatible, but with the app.

But that is just the interface, but if you don’t use the app and connect it to Metamask, then anything you can do with Metamask you can do with the hardware wallet.

this metashit is the worst wallet they had so many issues ongoing from copy paste public address keep changing all the time causing you to send the BNB token to different addresses… to losing all your asset BNB DPET. I don’t really recommend this wallet. Support really sucks here your own your own… you better stop this wallet shit before a lot or thousands already of people has been victimized and continue losing all the investment.