Accept bids on opensea using seaport is not working

Hey there,
I am usingthis endpoint to get the opensea collection bids as im trying to accept on of those. I own one nft and i want to accept the collection bids from it. I was able to do so with single nft based offers but when it comes to collection based offers it just doesnt work out.
I am fetching the collection offers fron this public opensea api endpoint

api opensea .io/v2/offers/collection/${collectionSlug}

. It returns me the available collection offers. What I have seen it that those offers are criteria based offers meaning i somehow have to proof that my nft token id is in the criteria.

This is the criteria part of one of the ednpoints returning it.

 "itemType": 4,
        "token": "0xE75512aA3bec8f00434bBD6Ad8b0A3FbFF100AD6",
        "identifierOrCriteria": "55421581301521330817874681622923824856189682650974163575844277020553655942381",

Here is my code to fulfill the order:

    const { executeAllActions: fulfillOrder } = await spClient.fulfillOrder({
        accountAddress: this.walletAddress,
        considerationCriteria: [{ identifier: tokenId, proof: [] }]
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I am parsing the order object with all the parameters here. But when i execute it i get a big error saying it cant estimate the gas. What am i missing ? Is something wrong with the proof ? Do i need to interact with the merkle tree ?

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