Unable to approve Weth for trading on opensea in browser


I have recently started using metamask and am running into this issue any time I try and trade or accept a bid on opensea. I can convert to weth and back but the issue arises when I try to accept a bid or place one. I was wondering if anyone can help? It would really be appreciated.

I get stuck on a page without any prompts/signs and it stays pending forever.

The text says, “to approve opensea to trade this token you must first complete a free (plus gas) transaction. Confirm it in your wallet and keep this tab open”

Would post a picture but not allowed as I am new.

Thanks for any help in advance.


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please open a support ticket via the support link in app or extension. You will be able to share screenshots there. It would be great too if you can let us know what have you tried so far to troubleshoot. Be aware of scammers in the community.