Swap WETH to ETH but it's gone

I tried to swap WETH to ETH through MetaMask swap, but the WETH got burned, i didnt received any ETH back.

I tried to contact MetaMask support but it’s no luck

Txn : 0x6064c7a864f78315c9578bd3b1723a340294d14419aaa6b8c346d7ceb36bb877

Can anyone help on this?

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hey @oongok , it seems that 2.4 weth returned to your own wallet after the transaction.


the 0000 is not my wallet, it was 6ec7. so it’s stucked on 0000 @tuya

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Can you check in your opensea account? As per debank, this transaction is related to opensea

If you have not got returned anything NFT/ETH for your matching orders in opensea, can you also kindly consult with opensea first?


I already try to consult to opensea @Mandip , but they said that I need to contact to wallet provider since WETH are completely burned sucessfully when converting to ETH.

But at 1st places I’m confused, why MetaMask swap interacting with the opensea, which I still confused at the moment, because I simply use the MetaMask swap

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Hi @oongok , Please contact with the MetaMask support team.

Remember - NOBODY, including from support, will ask for your secret recovery phrase / private key or for you to input it onto any website for confirmation.


@Mandip thanks for this, but I already doing that, but it’s still ongoing discussion, I also got an update from opensea that matchorder are not function from opensea

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Please wait patiently for reply from the MetaMask support team if you have not received. If received, kindly follow the instructions provided.


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