Can't swap WETH to ETH

Hello -

I am using MetaMask wallet, and trying to purchase on OpenSea. Although you claim I can swap WETH back to ETH, it has been IMPOSSIBLE to do this for more than 24 hours, no matter what I set for the slippage tolerance. It constantly returns “no quotes available”

The requirement of using WETH for bidding and OpenSea statements that WETH can be swapped back at any time were misleading. I now have almost 1 ETH tied up in WETH that I want to use for a direct ETH purchase, and I can’t swap it.

This is a big problem.



on chrome extension on a macbook pro, it only checks one or two swap services then says no quote.

on iOS mobile, it seems to work OK, checks 9-10 services. but in space of half hour, gas fees for a .98 WETH swap ranged from $650US to $125US.

I would prefer to swap on the extension, but that seems non functional right now so I will try with mobile.

Hi, I’m having the same issue. Tried resetting the wallet as well and no luck. Please help!

@koto weblinker page is scam :skull_and_crossbones:

Use Uniswap. It works a treat to convert Weth to Eth cost me $11