Swapping WETH to ETH. No quotes?

Hello all, I’m constantly getting No Quotes when I’m trying to swap WETH to ETH. I’m changing the slippage and the amount as suggested and it still doesn’t go through. Anybody got any idea? Much appreciated!

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Sorry no suggestions but Im getting the exact same thing, doesnt even seem to make it all the way through the possible exchanges

Same problem here. This is total bullshit.

Have tried that up to 12%, keeps saying “no quotes”

And as others have posted, it looks like it is only going through one or two swap services, not 9 or 10.

tried on the mobile version, and did get a quote - $650 to swap .98 WETH back to ETH. that’s insane. I’m very upset the OpenSea made it sound like you can easily go back and forth with the type of funds, and also that they require WETH for bidding on auctions.