Swapping WETH to ETH Not ETH to WETH

Help swap WETH to ETH that is in MetaMask wallet using Opensea or Defi Aggregator. Opensea - fees less.

When I unwrap WETH for ETH in MetaMask wallet using Opensea the WETH does not get unwrapped for ETH as it should. Instead, more ETH gets wrapped into WETH. The Metamask wallet during the exchange has an arrow directing toward “Wrapped Ether” as shown in the screenshot that this site will not let me upload. How do I solve this? How do I get it so that WETH unwraps for ETH in my Metamask wallet using Opensea?

I am open to other aggregators such as 1inch, but Opensea seems to have the smallest fees. Please help me unwrap my WETH for ETH in my Metamask wallet at low cost.

Kindly allow me to attach screenshots of the issue and ongoing communications. Thank you for your assistance with these matters.


How are we doing Metamask? Requesting support with this issue. Ethereum does not send to my proper wallet addresses from your wallet. Support

Hey, you can initiate the swap in Opensea which will force the swap in your metamask wallet. Here are the steps I used:

  1. Authenticate into OpenSea
  2. Click on the wallet icon in the top-right
  3. Next to your WETH, click on the three dots
  4. Select the “Unwrap” option
  5. Confirm the swap in MetaMask

And that’s it, you should see your MetaMask wallet reflect the “swap”.