wETH missing after failed swap (ERC-20)

Hi there,

I recently attempted to swap around ~4k USD of wETH into ETH using MetaMask swap. The TX is here: 0x5e536102e6f6340008b2d8925de975b9272cf2511568e1dc901995d9ae645918

The transaction failed, however my MetaMask wallet is not showing either my original wETH amount or the amount of ETH I was attempting to swap it into.

Any idea how I can reclaim my lost wETH?

Wallet address: 0x4EFB7DaF0f785Be41793Bf1150f66d5F944d532C

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Hello @Wind, welcome to the MetaMask community,

Around 4 hours ago, you changed around 2.79 WETH to ETH via the following transaction url and the transaction was successful.

However, around 1.5 hours after that, around 3.90 ETH was sent via the following transaction url, to this newly created address: 0x0c36d1a6558f84afe4d5d3827eb33f3e7005f7f5

Do you recognize this address? 0x0c36d1a6558f84afe4d5d3827eb33f3e7005f7f5
In case you do not recognize the address, most possibly somebody who has access to your wallet has sent the ETH to a newly created address, meaning that your wallet has been compromised.
Please refer to the following link.


Hi @Maryam , unfortunately the 3.90 eth is not the missing eth. It’s the weth amount that is missing.

I had roughly $11,000 USD total value in my walet – 3.90 eth and then ~2ish wETH. I was planning to convert the wETH into ETH and then send the combined total to that newly created wallet.

Unfortunately, the wETH vanishes when that transaction failed and I have yet to see it re-appear. So I was only able to send the 3.90 eth to the new address… and am still waiting on MetaMask to help me recover the lost wETH

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This transaction failed, possibly because you changed WETH to ETH in a previous transaction which I mentioned above, and the transaction ID is as follows:0x3d6be0abfa0d9c0f1e0d7629d23d0e933ca07db7a0b119875e4e45be56def8ef
Via the transaction mentioned above, you got ETH in your wallet (do you recognize this transaction?) and then it was sent to a newly created address.

The failed transaction with 0 ETH value does not seem to be suspicious.
If you think that you have lost funds, then it should be via another transaction(s). You need to carefully investigate all transactions under your account.


I’m not suspecting anyone or anything of haking my account and I haven’t said I think any transactions are suspicious.

What I am trying to figure out is where the ~$4,000 of eth/weth went. The value of my portfolio was over $11,000 according to MetaMask at one point (about $7000 USD in ETH and over $4000 in weth. I attempted to turn my weth into ETH, and then the value of my portfolio dropped to $7000 and it never went back to being $11,000.

I transferred the $7,000 out… but still cant figure out what happened to the ~4,000 after I attempted to turn it into ETH.

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Hi @Wind -

Can you please reach out to our helpdesk so they can help look deeper into this: https://support.metamask.io/ and click the blue ‘Start a Conversation’ button. The bot will ask a few questions to help get you routed to the correct team in support.


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