Accidentally sent 0xbtc to zrx

What the title says… I accidentally did it. Quite new to Exodus, but I had metamask years ago but i just left it there. Recently I sent it to Exodus wallet zrx because it said 0x there. I copied the address and sent my 0xbtc there. It gave me no errors and even said success. But it never showed up in Exodus. I finally clicked around and found some blockchain link and it led me to a totally different page (not 0xbtc) where it said balance 0. But on, the same address I sent to has the balance. Is it someone else’s balance? So happens it is the same as my zrx address??? Is there any way I can get the funds back?


I sent tokens to $1.09 | 0xBitcoin Token (0xBTC) Token Tracker | Etherscan
But I intended to send it to the same address but ZRX (Stupidly, I thought zrx and 0xbtc are the same)
Any way to salvage this situation??

Hi tam8888 Welcome to the MetaMask Community :fox_face:

Install Exodus Desktop :point_down: open ETH wallet and copy your Private Keys
or add ZRX and copy your Private Keys

after open Metamask and click Import Account - add Exodus ETH private key :point_down: read this

and now :smiley: you see all tokens or must add 0xBitcoin Token

Wow… seems like I got it back!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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