Accidentally sent USDC from Matic network to a Coinbase Ethereum wallet

Hi, I might’ve made the worst mistake of my life trying to be responsible and pay off my credit cards. I sold all of my GLP for USDC, successfully bridged it from Arb to Polygon, then when copying the wallet address for my coinbase account I somehow managed to send it to their Ethereum ETH wallet address instead of the Matic USDC one. It went through as successful. Coinbase chat said I’m screwed. Is that it? Over $8k sent into the void? No sleep for me tonight.

Hello @mrote01, welcome to MetaMask community!

Sorry to hear about this. Only Coinbase can help you with that. Always make sure the network coincides on both ends of the trade, sending and receiving end.


@mrote01 Coinbase are amateurs at this :confused: maybe when they make a better recovery tool. It will take years :snail: then you will get your USDC back.


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