I used MM to send USDC to Coinbase, address changed Why?

When I sent USDC from MetaMask to Coinbase it was transferred to BscScan records because I sent to ETH network on Coinbase instead of Binance. When I tried to get help to fix this … I was told to contact MM support because the address on Coinbase matched the records on MM BUT the address (receiving) in the BscScan records show another address?
Don’t match up.

While I understand I can’t send coins meant for BSC to ETH, I DON’T understand why the official record of the transfer on BscScan does not show the receiving address I used in the transaction and does not match MetaMask records or Coinbase? Since I have no idea who owns that address I cannot recover the money.


Hi @mawhelchel99 ,

Reach out to MetaMask’s help desk so they can get transaction IDs from you and look into this. You can access Help Desk through your browser extension or mobile by going to menu > support > choose ‘Start a Conversation’ blue bubble. Or, you can go to support.metamask.io and click the blue ‘Start a Conversation’ bubble.

Remember that nobody, including support, should ever ask for you to provide or verify your Secret Recovery Phrase (SRP). They also will not ask to connect to your device. Never share your SRP, this includes never inputting it on a form or website (including pop-up windows).


I can do that BUT I think I have all the information.

My MetaMask address is: 0x9E0a9168E3D9BaAb41340a6FDf0ba2A9C658664c

According to MM I sent: $85

transaction ID: 0x27d4c62fe6204eb3625670ef165acb97c273cc2fec63e381489d1e891cf8b111

BUT on BscScan, the received address is:

BscScan address: 0x8AC76a51cc950d9822D68b83fE1Ad97B32Cd580d

Why? Obviously Coinbase did not receive it because they were using the ETH network instead of Binance.

Can I unwind this?

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If you are saying the address you plugged in “send to” isn’t the same as what you originally put, you’d want to contact Help Desk for this.

However, if you sent USDC on BSC to Coinbase ETH address, there unfortunately is no way to reverse. Coinbase would have to be willing to go in an access funds. If they added BSC, you’d be able to access. This MetaMask Knowledge Base article dives into this:

One small side note, you want to be really careful with sharing your name or info on any site, especially when it comes to sites that are connected to things of value (like MetaMask, your bank, etc.). Social engineering scams are getting better and better, so remaining anonymous on various forums, social platforms, etc., is key.

If you ever get a pop-up asking for you to input your Secret Recovery Phrase (even if it looks like it’s from MetaMask) do not follow it. Also, MetaMask will never email you for verification.


hi @mawhelchel99.

BUT on BscScan, the received address is:
BscScan address: 0x8AC76a51cc950d9822D68b83fE1Ad97B32Cd580d

This is not the address of the recipient, it is the contract address of USDC.
The recipient’s address is the following.


Thanks for your help, I now understand. Unfortunately can’t get it back.


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