Token Sent on wrong network

Hello. Ive sent USDC from my metamask wallet to buy from an online shop and they didnt recieve there coins. Coinbase said it was an issue with the network it was sent on. Reached out to binacne they sent me here. PLS HELP

got the transaction ID from BSCscan

Let me explain it to you this way.
First, on-chain transfers cannot be reversed. When you send it, you send it, there is no return.
Second, the eth address of your MM can be added to the bep20 chain as a bnb address. That is, the receiver is perfectly capable of finding the coin you sent, but they won’t find it for you. They may plan to pocket that money in the future.
Is there anything else you want to ask?


Do you remember what network you used and are you sure that the receiver uses the same network ?

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Hi I sent Shiba from binance to meta on bsc network . I added.shiba on bsc on meta but it’s not showing . Binance shows transfer complete please help

Did you send your tokens to Binance or Coinbase?

Is the balance of shib displayed in MM is 0 or does not show shib at all?

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