Why do I lose my tokens but the receiver doesn't get any?


I have a very big problem because I just lost all of my money! I sent ETH to a receiver who use Metamask as well. On my page, it shows success but the receiver doesn’t get ANY. I would like to know why? and what I have to do???

Transaction ID: 0x2f46eb1140fc406c681773e276ef19b54060adcf70bd1d8bb7e201cedd517207

Hi @spjaneiixid this is a transaction on the BSC network :slightly_smiling_face:
receiver uses this network? + add ETH token?

Oh, I got it now. Thank you so much. Can I ask one more thing? I need to transfer ETH from BSC to ETH mainnet but I shows “Your swap address will be your receiving address, please switch the network to check your balance after completion.” and I can’t click on Next. What is the problem?