Error sending Eth from Binance, Lost Token?

I made a deposit from Binance to Metamask to my address in the Eth network, however by mistake the BSC network was used, now it is not reflected in Metamask, I added the Binance network and even the token and it still does not appear.

The public address to which the deposit was sent is 0x2ACB783b48D6e00ab65d0A0d318fFfeb8520854b in etherscan of course it does not appear but it indicates that this address is in bscscan.

Any help you can give me?


Is that your ETH address above ? If yes just add the token contract on your smart chain network

Yes, it is my public eth address.

I have tried add the token contract since yesterday, reviewed all the tutorials and I still have not succeeded.


I’ve tried and still can’t. How would I get the link?

exactly what does that link do???

@Bbrown88 wait for BAN :rofl: stupid scammer

I thought the same thing