Account Hacked - all tokens gone - How can i check/remove contracts approved?

Hi, I had about 5PVU and a few BNB left for PVU gas (0.00x).
Today i woke up and both tokens where in 0 and when i go to my account history i can see 2 transactions i didnt do.
1st swapping my PVU to BNB (0x3545863465dd6336ec6869ee80997ff268b7cbeea31248869239bea520688552)
and a 2nd transaction sending all the BNB (73$) out to a different address (0x5bdc39f63f7ea99d5da76f6fe43b40b55e261f5ed369b113349fed1f81a041cf).

I know there is probably no way of getting that returned but i would also like to know if there is a way to check/revalidate the contracts i have in my MM account and/or delete them?
Any ideas?

try this : ethallowance dot com