BNB being drained from my Metamask

Hello, I am fairly new to this platform and I just wanna report something. I had $19 BNB a few hours ago and about an hour ago, it was suddenly 0BNB, now I said, its probably due to transaction fees or gas fees, so I sent BNB from my Binance to the Metamask and it went through and it showed for awhile $22, now after 2 minutes, it was gone again.

I am not sure as to what’s happening? Its 0 BNB again right now, but on Metamask it’s not showing any transaction history as to if I sent BNB.

I checked the BNB on my Metamask and the last transaction I had was last August 23

Also, here is my public address:

You can see two transactions which I did not approve removed my BNBs onto the same account. How could this happen? I havent logged on any websites, downloaded anything that would compromise my security. Its just surprising that the next thing I know 2 hrs ago, my BNB from $19 became 0, and thinking it was a bug, I withdrew $20+ worth of BNB to my Metamask again, and after a few minutes, it was gone again, and so I researched and saw somewhere to check in BSC Scan for transactions. Is it still possible to retrieve the BNB that was stolen from me?

Something has been stealing and draining my BNB whenever I transfer some from another platform. What could be the problem?

Sorry to hear that! I’m not an expert, but it seems that you granted permissions to a non trusted website and the smart contract is stealing your funds. My two cents, maybe someone with more experience can provide you better insights. My advise for you is to disconnect the Connected sites

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Yes. That is what I think so too! Unfortunately I do not know what I approved that allowed them to take BNB from me at will. BSCScan website is down for me to check token approvals. I tried other sites but its not showing any approvals either


Are you on Zoo farm game? That steals your money

No I am not, sir. I only play an NFT game which is PVU, other than that, no. Im about to format my pc just to make sure, but I fear that its more on the approval side. I need to figure out (If anyone can help), how to revoke approvals of other sign ins Ive made in my metamask.

You should ask to the metamask guys / gals and come back here to share your results

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I too had a similar issue today in my wallet. My BNB got drained from my wallet.
Did you got a resolution for your issue?
What was the reason for your issue.

Disconnecting all the connected sites solved it ??

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Same thing happens to me.

You got solution for that?

If there have been any transactions in your wallet that you did not confirm, it may be that your wallet has been compromised.

Please refer to this post here: