BNB suddenly gone from Metamask

Hello, I am fairly new to this platform and I just wanna report something. I had $19 BNB a few hours ago and about an hour ago, it was suddenly 0BNB, now I said, its probably due to transaction fees or gas fees, so I sent BNB from my Binance to the MetaMask and it went through and it showed for awhile $22, now after 2 minutes, it was gone again.

I am not sure as to whats happening? Its 0 BNB again right now, but on MetaMask it’s not showing any transaction history as to if I sent BNB.

I checked the BNB on my MetaMask and the last transaction I had was last August 23

Sorry but I don’t wanna risk contacting a whatsapp account. I’d rather wait for a moderator here to answer my query. thank you

Also, here is my public address:

You can see two transactions which I did not approve removed my BNBs onto the same account. How could this happen? I havent logged on any websites, downloaded anything that would compromise my security. Its just surprising that the next thing I know 2 hrs ago, my BNB from $19 became 0, and thinking it was a bug, I withdrew $20+ worth of BNB to my Metamask again, and after a few minutes, it was gone again, and so I researched and saw somewhere to check in BSC Scan for transactions. Is it still possible to retrieve the BNB that was stolen from me?