Account hacked y restore my criptos

Good afternoon everyone,

I have a couple of questions to ask you, although I think I already know the answer, but hey better leave it here written and if someone can help me better than better.

Yesterday a twitter account: @metamaskuk, I pished and it has stolen all my cryptos, now comes my question, is it impossible to recover the cryptos that have been stolen from me?

later I have another query, I made a transfer from the matic network to my binance wallet through ERC-20 but it has not arrived. What have I done wrong? Can I recover the investment I made in matic? Can I resolve that transaction?

I leave the transaction reference: 0x0c9dcf904a8f36ff0d9bee9da07dad8fd134946edc6a0689608d03d38f47b20b

Thank you very much in advance and I await your response.

And could you tell me how to redo a transaction from the matic network to the ERC-20 network in binance?

Hello i were hacked
It’s my smart chain adrss they stole #hodl token
85 billion I need emergency help

This adrress have my assets