Transfert when wrong and i lost crypto

Hi i made a mistake trying to send USDT by matic network to Binance. Now the transaction (sucess) only appear on matic network and i never receive the money in Binance. Please help Is there something that i can do. What are the info that i can give binance to use their wallet key?

These are the step i took. I used the quickswap Polygon bridge to tranfert Usdt. I didnt realize that the where now POS USDT ecr20 and from the matic network i try to send them in my biance account. I realize it was a mistake but i cant see the transaction in bscscan and in etherscan so binance wont help me. i can see it via the matic network.

TXid : 0x1cdac7cd1d1fb0ec0195ed4d6055f96545389bddd9352bc72aa958a494152a3c

Hello, @jfcom. Welcome to the Metamask community.
Due to the immutable nature of blockchain, we cannot revert the transaction.
The one possibility of recovering the funds is to import the token holding wallet onto Metamask using the private key or JSON file and then use the Matic Network RPC to access the funds.

Hi, same thing happend to me. Did you manage to get your USDT back?